TPM700 Tetrapol mobile radio

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Ergonomic and powerful

The TPM700 is a mobile Tetrapol radio designed for secure voice and data communications in various types of vehicles, as well as in the office.

It is ideal for professional radio communication users who require an ergonomic and powerful radio for their daily use.


TPM700 in action


The TPM700 consists of a robust radio unit which is suitable for vehicle, motorbike and fixed configurations. For car and office use, the TPM700 comes with a separate user friendly control unit with colour display and keypad, and an installation kit.

Alternatively, a robust and compact control head for motorbike installation is available.


The TPM700 has a colour display and a user friendly keypad and menu. Thanks to its size, the high resolution TFT display provides crisp, clear images and colour graphics. Even in variable light conditions, the information is clearly visible on the display.


The TPM700 user interface is adaptable to varying user needs. It has a convenient shortcut button that can be programmed for the most frequently used functions. Users no longer need to go to the main menu to send or read messages or send their GPS position, for instance. Instead, they can simply press the shortcut button. In addition, the user interface can be customised to display an organisation’s name or a splash screen.

Choose your accessories

You can use the TPM700 as it is. Additional accessories may bring you more benefits.


Ergonomic and powerful —


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