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Synergy benefits

Features this good should cost more -

- but they don't

Does your organization use an Airbus TETRA system? If so, choose TETRA radios from Airbus and your organization can benefit from a number of money-saving synergies.

You can take advantage of these synergies and make your operations

  • more efficient
  • more effective
  • safer for field personnel.

All this while keeping your capital and operational expenses low.

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Get better operations and save money

These are just five of the many synergy features that deliver these benefits:

  • Aliasing - Shared-use radios feel personal
  • Night Vision - Better "night eyes" when working in the dark
  • Active Scanning - Follow more than one talk group
  • Where Are You? - Know where they are without asking.
  • Unit Alert - Alerts won't go unnoticed


Save time and effort

Your people can get the experience of using a personal radio even when they pick the radio from a common pool, when you choose TETRA radios from Airbus and set up Aliasing in your Airbus TETRA network.

This single feature can bring you savings in 5 ways:

  1. Your people save effort and time because they can easily contact a role – such as today’s K9 unit leader. They can just call “the role” to reach the correct person.
  2. Your organization saves money since you don’t have to buy a personal radio for everyone. Instead of assets lying idle, every radio you have can be in use.
  3. You also save money because a separate application is not needed for this.
  4. Your people can save a lot of effort if their radio gets damaged. If everyone had a personal device, it would take time for the user and also for a support person to personalize a spare radio. With an alias profile, any device will work just as well.
  5. Your support personnel saves time and effort when setting up parameters and groups into the devices. They only need to set them up for the alias profile and after that, they are in use in whichever device the person logs into.

Who would not want radios that bring all these benefits?

Shared-use radios feel personal

Aliasing makes your radio fit your role. See this on video: 

How to make a generic TETRA radio fit a specific role precisely?

Easy - with Aliasing that is available in Airbus networks, but only when Airbus TETRA radios are used.

Aliasing gives users the experience of using their own radio even though there is a common pool of radios for everyone.

Night Vision

Use your radio in the dark

Thanks to Night Vision, your radio display will adapt to your working at night or in the darkness.

Night Vision has a safety aspect – someone looking at a bright screen will take time to adapt their eyes when they look up. In that time, they could be put in danger or fail to notice some criminal activity.

How's your radio display in the dark?

The Night Vision feature makes the radio better to use at night or in the dark. Watch this video:

Do not lose your "night eyes". Your vision stays sharp thanks to the Night Vision mode.

Active Scanning

Follow more than one talk group

Your personnel will want to follow more than just one talk group, so they use scanning.

Active Scanning means that the radio tells the system which groups it is scanning. This allows the radio network to set up group calls in the base station that the radio is connected to. Only those users that have selected this group and are scanning the group can be connected to it.

Active Scanning is a better choice than Passive Scanning, and the good news is that radios and networks from Airbus use Active Scanning automatically.

Easier work for the radio user


Carrying two separate radios to listen and talk to two groups would be expensive and inconvenient to the user.

Where Are You?

Know where your team members are

The unique 'Where are you?' feature shows an officer’s location as soon as they press the Push to Talk button. Without it, officers would need to try and explain their location in words.

Know where they are without asking

Watch this video:

The "Where are you?" feature provides automatic positioning between radio users during a call.


Unit Alert

Alerts won't go unnoticed

Unit alert makes a difference when your message is critical.

There are certain messages that just have to get the radio user’s attention – a serious road traffic incident, a crime in progress or someone in danger, all need instant response.

Unit Alert makes sure that an alert does not go unnoticed. The alerted radios will make a loud noise and vibrate - even in their silent profile.

How does it work?

Watch this video:

When a message is critical, Unit Alert wakes up the radio from its silent profile.

More synergies

Take a look at these three clever features - They are also based on the radio network and the radio devices working together in a synergetic way.

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